The new Beer, Wine, & Spirit Drinkerís Guide to Colorado is all the Guide Book, Map, and Coupons you'll ever need. With new, updated listings on all the breweries, brewpubs, wineries, cideries, meaderies, distillers and beverage makers statewide, itís ready to help you explore all of Coloradoís craft beverage producers in every corner of the state. From plains and valleys to canyon lands and mountain tops - weíll show you how to have a great time everywhere you go.

Ski areas, state and national parks, festivals, fourteeners, mountain passes, historic bars, craft bars and taprooms, home brew suppliers, essays, foldout maps - the Guide Book has everything!
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The 8th Edition, 36" x 27" Map pinpoints in Full-Color every brewery, brewpub, winery, cidery, meadery, and distiller in the state. The back-side provides detailed information on each beverage maker, insets of the Denver area, Fort Collins, and the Grand Junction region, and loads of other travel info.
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The newest Passport to Free Beer is totally updated, too - way over 300 dollars in Free Beer, Bargains, and Great Deals at 54 locations in Colorado. The guide book pays for itself!

Buy them all in one Awesome Package online now for only $24.95. If itís not the greatest Trio for Thirsty Travelers youíve ever seen, weíll buy it back!

We also offer the Map - Coupon combo separately, without the Guide Book, for $14.95.
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backside samples
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Did we mention the Free Beer? Yep, FREE BEER! We include More Free Beer Than Ever - 56 unique, valuable coupons worth over $300 in Free Beer, Glassware, Discounts and Great Bargains all around Colorado. You'll only find them in the newest Passport to Free Beer that comes packaged with every book. It puts money back into your pocket and free beers into your hand. For crying out loud, it pays for itself 22 times over. How’s that for outstanding value?
The Beer, Wine, & Spirit Drinker's Guide to Colorado can also be purchased at retail locations across the state. For a list of retail locations, click here.
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